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Working School collects and renovates used computers and sends them to Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

We will be most happy to receive your used Computer.

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The Organisation

Working School is a humanitarian aid organization, that was founded in 2003 with the intention to aid and assist the teaching and education of poor and orphaned children in The Third World.

Working School has since 2008 - in close co-operation with Recycling to the South and  Computergroup Holbaek – sent reworked and repaired IT-equipment and school furniture to 22 schools in Laos, 15 schools in Cambodia and 10 schools in Myanmar. We have educated 130 IT-teachers and 3200 young students have received the teachings through a 3-year education ending with an exam and issuing of a diploma.

All members of Working School work without pay and the organization has no expenses for administration.

Who can help?

Private persons

As a private person you can sign in and become a member of a serious and purposeful aid organization.

You are also welcome to simply just becoming a member and thereby receiving our news letters.

Other than that we are interested in all kinds of help. If you have suggestions to other projects or can assist in forms of aid please CONTACT US.

Working School CSR text -download PDF

Working School is a humanitarian aid organization, that was started August 1. 2003 with the purpose of helping through teaching and educating poor and orphaned children in The Third World.

The latest brain research shows that there is no connection between IQ and population groups or origin. Research shows that it depends on the stimulant that the children  get in their years at school, that release the IQ, and we are very happy, that this is exactly what we are doing, thereby making a difference.

Working School has since 2008 in close cooperation with Re-cycled to The South and The Computer Group Holbaek sent re-cycled IT equipment and school furniture to schools in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Furthermore the aim has now been widened to also cover teaching and education of the teachers of the schools, the children’s parents and people living in the villages. That way the IT equipment is being more widely used and the level of knowledge in the small local communities. Robust societies is a matter of seeing a future with possibilities and with good living ahead.

All members of Working School and volunteers are working without pay and there are no administration overheads.